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meltdown over? - the worst semester of my life

Оригинал взят у bluesequins в meltdown over?
I survived the worst semester of my life! I ended up with an A, two Bs and a C. Not bad for such a disaster. I'm only taking three classes next semester, and hopefully getting a job. I wanted to take more but I am taking summer classes so it will spread out the work load, and hopefully the freak outs.

I got a temporary job while I'm on break. I work at a museum at Jamestown. I greet people, drink gingerale, read, and talk to a lot of adorable old people all day. It's pretty awesome.

January should be fun. My mom got Carol Ann and I tickets to see a Trailer Park Boys Live show in DC! Marscon is coming up, which means Jessica will be in town! We're dressing up as the witches from Wizard of Oz/Wicked. She is obviously going to be Glenda, I'm going to be the witch that gets squashed in the beginning. It should be awesome!
Tags: the worst semester of my life

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