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Mortgage - what is that?

Dear friend,

Please ask someone to send an e-mail to them informing them that they have been removed as Secretary of the above companies effective Sept 10, 2013.
Then you should forward them the attached documents and request them to sign the resolutions for new allotment of shares. You should also tell them that when these are ready along with all the company files, they should send an e-mail to him informing that the company files are ready for pick up.
You should also remind them that they have in their files undated signed documents for the following shares transfers and they should sign these as well if they have not done yet.
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You should also request them to confirm that they have given notice to all colleagues and the Registered Agent at BVI that they have ceased to provide services for the company.
Lastly, please ensure that this info is not forwarded to anybody.

Documents for their removal as Secretary and my appointment were filed to the Registry yesterday. We have also submitted the change of address instruction to HSBC yesterday.

As for the increase of internet banking limits, HSBC allows the following maximum limits.

Internal transfer: HK$100,000,000
Bill payments: HK$1,000,000
Auto pay: HK$5,000,000

Third Party payments
Designated beneficiaries: HK$20,000,000 (about US$2,560,000)
Other beneficiaries: HK$2,000,000 (about US$256,000)

Please log on to HSBC internet banking site and check if these are the amounts set in the third party payments.
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