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Now, with the beginning of the summer and the vacation season, many people rushed to the beaches to expose their bodies and faces to the hot sun in the hope of frying as soon as possible. There is an opinion that a tan looks fashionable, spectacular, makes a woman more sexy and attractive. However, I urge: dear ladies, do not flatter yourself and think ten times before sunbathing and that is why.

Firstly, tanning strongly harms the skin, causing photoaging and age-related pigmentation. Secondly, UV radiation is harmful to health, as it can lead to skin cancer. No wonder sunny Australia leads the number of patients with this disease.

And thirdly, a tan does not always color a woman.

Yes, tanned skin is far from being as sexy and seductive as we used to think: it’s on Instagram pages that tanned beach cheeks look cool, but in reality the picture is completely different. Someone has redness instead of the desired golden hue, someone is covered with freckles and spots, someone completely turns into a grilled chicken. Tanning does not mask anything, but only emphasizes all the flaws and exacerbates them.

Another important nuance: often a tan will greatly reduce the appearance. Until the beginning of the 20th century, tanned skin was an attribute of the working-peasant stratum, and pallor was considered a privilege of the aristocracy. Times change, but associations remain.

One of the most striking examples: sex symbol and film star Marilyn Monroe and her imitator - Jane Mansfield, who was nicknamed "Marilyn for the working class." Please note: Marilyn never sunbathed and carefully took care of her light skin color, but her colleague Mansfield was very fond of exposing herself to the sun. The difference is obvious.

A tanned Diana Krueger looks like a simpleton, but once she returns her natural pale complexion, she immediately turns into an aristocrat.

Lover of tanning Christina Aguilera looks very different, much more luxurious, without the usual yellow-brown complexion.

A tan will greatly simplify Miranda Kerr, but with fair skin, she acquires her usual pretty and femininity.

White-skinned Emma Stone looks like a real Hollywood diva.

The absence of a tan immediately transfers Megan Fox from the category of hot things to the status of an elegant lady.

With fair skin, Jennifer Lawrence looks like a real beauty, but a tanned woman does not stand out among her colleagues.

Personally, I try not to sunbathe once again, but when I am in the open sun, I use protective equipment. How do you feel about tanning?
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