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Why people love London

People love London for its tolerance towards representatives of other cultures and quality education.

London strives to assimilate as quickly as possible and does not want to stand out among the local ethnic diversity too much.

Other people state London as a unique combination of various advantages: culture, business, education, history and the rule of law.

If we talk about business, entrepreneurs feel here under the protection of British law.
And although taxes in Britain are rather big, tax policy here is at least predictable.

40% of those surveyed say that they settled in Britain primarily because there is an opportunity in this country to give children a good education.

To place a child in a British school is becoming a matter of prestige.
Of course, not everyone can afford such well-known institutions as Eton, and most are content with private schools for the middle class.

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In addition, people are attracted to a safe existence in Britain.

They can not be afraid for their children.
Children grow here in the conditions in which they should grow, and not under the cover of jeeps and bodyguards.

Most people living in London are staunch Anglophiles.
They are committed to the British system of values, admire the political institutions of the kingdom.

And many talk about the importance of "British identity", so we have nothing to fear. We meet these requirements quite well.

People in London are mainly composed of socially active citizens who follow English social life and even have their own political preferences.

To the question, "Which of the British political parties would you vote for if you had the right to participate in the elections?" most name the Conservative Party.
And in God we trust.
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